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With the arrival of summer, we have all started to organize family vacations. Precisely for this reason, it may be that you are now deciding the accommodation in which you are going to enjoy them, once you have a clear destination. In that case, you have endless options, such as hotels, campsites … To help you make a decision, in this case, we are going to introduce you to the advantages of staying in house accommodations. We are referring to house accommodations legally established to be rented at a tourist level.

Do you dare to discover them?

Economic savings

Without a doubt, one of the main reasons for making the decision to stay in an house accommodation is the significant financial savings that it will entail. Yes, it is a savings for these reasons:

  • It is much cheaper than a hotel, for example. In the same way, think that the money you would spend on that for the whole family can lead you to spend more days on vacation if you opt for the house accommodation.
  • In the same way, you must bear in mind that in the house accommodation you will be able to have breakfast, lunch or dinner without having to pay more for a hotel buffet or in a restaurant. For this reason, you will save since you can bring food or do the shopping at the destination and prepare the meals yourself.

Feel more like home

On the other hand, another great advantage in staying on house accommodation is that it allows you to feel like you are at home. And you are going to have rooms for everyone, you will have an equipped kitchen, living room, bathroom … Come on, the same rooms as in your own home. Hence, you quickly feel comfortable and at ease.

house accommodations

Greater freedom

In this list of benefits, you could not miss this other that you now have in front of you and that makes many people opt, more and more, for the house accommodation as a type of holiday accommodation. Specifically, they do it because they really consider it an advantage that they have all the freedom to get up or go to bed at the desired time or to have lunch and dinner whenever they want.

This freedom is not enjoyed, however, in hotels, for example, where you basically have to be aware of schedules for the different meals of the day, since the buffet has them delimited, and even for the cleaning service to clean the room. bedroom. Hence, it is necessary to be subject to these conditions.

More space

In the same way, it must be taken into account that many families choose the house accommodation option because it allows them to enjoy more space. Yes, because if they stay in a hotel or a hostel, the usual thing is that they give them a room for all the members of the family. And that is a nuisance because, among other things, it reduces privacy, it does not allow you to have any time to disconnect alone, at bedtime all together it can be annoying …

house accommodation room

All this does not happen in the house accommodation where everyone will have their own room.

Other advantages of staying in house accommodations

In addition to all the aforementioned benefits, we cannot ignore others that also encourage many people to choose the type of accommodation that occupies us. We are referring to the following:

  • If you have babies it is a better option when they can follow their routines in terms of sleep or feeding.
  • In the event that you travel with your pet, there are many house accommodations that can be rented that allow animals to stay.
  • In the same way, you avoid having the inconvenience of hearing the noises that are usually caused in hotels and hostels. We are referring to those generated by the clients of other rooms, the cleaning services of the rooms, those of the clients who are in the swimming pools and common facilities …
  • It is possible to host more family or friends in the house accommodation, so, in the end, it will be very economical to rent it.
  • No less relevant is that having a kitchen will allow you to prepare the recipes that you like the most or that are needed on a daily basis because you follow a very healthy and complete diet or because there is someone with some type of food intolerance or allergy.

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