Engagement Rings

If there is an important moment in the life of a couple, it is the request for an engagement rings. This precedes marriage and in this, the engagement rings is a true symbol of commitment. To offer it, it is therefore a question of putting the forms there. The goal is for the future bride to say “yes” without thinking. The choice of the ring is obviously important, but the way of offering it also counts for a lot in the success of this operation. Here are some tips to make this moment forever etched in your memories.

The Tradition Of Engagement Rings :

It seems that already in the time of the Egyptian pharaohs, the man gave a ring to his bride as a symbol of commitment. During Greek and Roman Antiquity, unions are still symbolized by the presentation of a ring, often made of iron. In the Middle Ages and then in the Renaissance, rings became more precious; the rings are in gold and they are adorned with precious stones, solitary diamonds, trilogies of rubies, pavings of sapphires, rivers of emeralds … Even today, we still offer an rings in promise of a future marriage. Moreover, it can happen that we get engaged without getting married, or that we get married without getting engaged. But in all cases, a request accompanied by a ring as a gift takes place to formalize this great decision. Traditionally, the engagement rings is offered up to 1 year before the wedding. This leaves time to organize the wedding preparations. But it all depends on your desires and your schedules.

Choosing The Right Engagement Rings :

Before offering it, you must make the right choice of ring. This jewel must indeed elicit a “yes” from the chosen one of your heart. To make him like it for sure, give him the ring of his dreams. You can talk to her directly about it, or even choose her alongside her. You can also observe her favorite jewelry, seek advice from family and friends, probe her desires … Often, it is the solitaire diamond engagement ring that is popular; but many other options are available to you. Thus, you are sure to please the woman you love.

Little Tips Before Making Your Engagement Request :

No matter what ring you choose, before giving it away, make sure you don’t face a refusal. It is necessary that the woman whose life you share is not opposed to the idea of ​​marriage. She has to say “yes” to you, even after a little suspense that will spice up the situation.In addition, prefer privacy to a public place to make your request; the goal is not to embarrass anyone. Also avoid hiding the ring in a napkin, in a glass of champagne, in a cake … Losing the ring or swallowing it can quickly turn your request into a nightmare.

Classic Requests :

Who says engagement ring, implicitly says marriage proposal. We all have in mind the image of a man with one knee on the ground, holding his bride’s hand and taking a case out of his pocket. This is arguably the most romantic request there is. Remember to adapt your request to your future fiancée. This may not be a blue flower at all and therefore may not necessarily appreciate this kind of approach. This is why giving the engagement ring in a sober and simple way is often the best way to have a good time. This can take place at your home, with a candlelit meal that you will have prepared yourself, ordered from a caterer, or even which will have been concocted by a chef at home.

Original Requests :

Mark this moment with a white stone by making your engagement request in an original way. The possibilities are endless; the only limits are ultimately those of the imagination. Here are some ideas for requests that are out of the ordinary:

  • Give the engagement ring on a trip
  • Organize a treasure hunt, the ultimate goal being to find the case containing the jewel
  • Bring friends and family for a meal where you will give the ring
  • Create a blog on the internet in which you will gather your common memories and where you will tell her that you have a gift for her
  • Etc.
Engagement Rings

Original Way To Give An Engagement Rings :

A knee on the ground and a jewel case in the pocket: it is certainly the most classic way, but still very romantic, to offer an engagement ring to your loved one. If you want to go out of the ordinary, know that there are many other ways to make your request. Let yourself be inspired! The point is that you both have fun and no one is embarrassed. In public or in private, this moment should remain engraved as an excellent memory of your life together. If you run out of ideas or are unsure of their relevance, seek advice from your loved ones, friends and family. They will certainly know how to be sure to please your friend and, above all, that she will say “yes” to you.

When To Give An Engagement Rings ?

Usually, the engagement takes place about 6 months before the wedding. This can be a first way to estimate the right moment to offer the diamond ring that will mark this commitment. If you want to get married in the spring, you will need to plan an official request for the end of the fall or the beginning of the previous winter. Unless you need more time to prepare your wedding perfectly. In any case, to give an engagement ring, choose a time when you will both be available and when you have time to enjoy this moment like no other. You can also choose a date that is already important to you, such as the day you met or your first kiss.