The magical properties of a diamond are of interest to everyone who wears jewelry with this stone or plans to purchase them. No one wants to choose a jewel that carries negativity or does not suit the owner according to the zodiac sign. The power of stones is incredibly great, they affect the life, character, and even fate of a person. Even the biggest skeptics should not neglect such data, because some scientists also talk about the incredible energy of precious minerals. You can find out who a diamond suits according to the zodiac sign, about the properties of the stone, in this article.

What is a diamond?

A diamond is called a diamond stone, which has been given a special shape that reveals its beauty completely. A special property is the fluorescence of a diamond – its ability to glow brightly under ultraviolet radiation.

The jewel is used to make jewelry. The stone has an unusual shine, and in the rays of light it simply “lights up” and shimmers in different colors of the rainbow.

Read the article for more details on the difference between brilliant and diamond.

Varieties and color scale

The classic is colorless and transparent. But there are also fancy colors that are less common and more expensive:

  • the black;
  • brown or cognac;
  • red;
  • pink;
  • yellow;
  • Violet;
  • green.

Stones acquire a multi-colored color due to the inclusion of atoms of iron, boron, nitrogen in the crystal lattice. This happens under the action of high temperature and pressure.

The rarest are black, pink and blue. They are highly prized and usually only found in private collections.

A white without defects is called a “clear diamond”. If you put it in water, it is absolutely invisible. The most famous of these stones is the Cullinan diamond. It was originally the largest at 3106 carats. In 1906, the famous jeweler Joseph Ascher, after many months of studying the stone, split it into many pieces. 9 large and 96 small diamonds were made.

What did they say about diamonds in different eras?

Were fragments of fallen stars, for the ancient Greeks – the tears of the gods, and in ancient India the stone was considered perfect because it was formed from the five principles of nature (water, earth, air, energy and sky). The first placers were found in India BC. In the ancient Indian treatise “Arthashastra” (IV century BC) there are references to duties, testifying to the special position of the stone.

A diamond after being cut by jewelry is called a diamond, which means “sparkling”. This word has a Latin origin, in its current form it came from the Italian and French languages.

History and origins

The first was mined over 3000 years ago in India. It immediately became of high value, but the stone was not processed until the Middle Ages. The old name of the jewel is adamant.

It is a gemstone was appreciated in the 15th century. The fashion for jewelry was quickly adopted by the ladies of the court, and then by other countries.

Diamonds have always been participants in historical and literary events:

  • Great Mogul – a rose-shaped was made from a weighing 767 carats, its owner was Shah Jahan, the ruler of the Mughal empire;
  • Golden Jubilee – a 545 carat brown presented to the King of Thailand for the anniversary of his reign;
  • Orlov – the largest copy of the Kremlin’s Diamond Fund;
  • Sancy – acquired by the Louvre for a million francs;
  • Koh-noor – adorns the crown of belonging to the English queen;
  • Hope – with a curse, all its owners experienced misfortune, now the stone worth $ 350 million is kept at the Smithsonian Institution;
  • The heart of the ocean is the famous blue from the movie Titanic, which belonged to the heroine of the movie Rose.