Furniture Removals

When we organize a furniture removals we are always and at all times the doubt about whether the furniture will look good again once assembled in our new home. And it is that if the disassembly is not done in an orderly manner, throughout the assembly of the furniture we will have to face the consequences.

Screws that are lost, parts that we do not remember where they went, problems with the orientation of the brackets or shelves , doors that do not close properly. If we are not careful throughout the disassembly , and we do not work in an organized manner during the disassembly , the result is not going to be what you imagined.

For this reason, from the furniture removals  proposes certain tips to ensure that the assembly is adequate and your furniture is  as it was before the move .


Take a good look at each and every one of the pieces that make up the furniture (doors, brackets, screws, knobs). Write down how they are worn and how many elements make them up, like what are these. 

You can give each piece a number to know the order of assembly . With the help of posters, point out the precise location of those parts that may give us problems and, above all, their orientation.

Pay attention to small parts . Screws and other ancillaries tend to simply get lost. Hence, it is necessary that we note how many elements were in each and every one of the pieces. To serve as an example: 3 screws on the door, 2 for the bracket, and so on.

If you have numbered the parts of the furniture in a notepad , stick stickers with the relevant numbers on them. For example: 1 -> cabinet right door knob; 2 -> 3 cabinet right door hinge screws; 3 -> right door showcase.

Store the screws and hinges in separate bags, separated by parts, according to where they correspond (showcase parts, TV furniture parts, etc.). With the help of tape or tape to seal, stick the bag with the pieces that correspond to that furniture to one of the parts of the furniture.

If we are good at drawing, we can make multiple drawings that reflect how the furniture was already before disassembly . We can also portray them so that throughout the furniture removals we can have a reference image and know how they should look once assembled. Although, if we wish, we can record the entire process on video or photos.

When we go to assemble the furniture again, it will only be enough to look at the list that we have made, where the order to continue for its assembly will be indicated , which will be the reverse of the one followed throughout its disassembly . With this, and with the help adhesives that we have put on the furniture , we will be able to achieve that the final result is as expected.

As always and at all times, if we want to save all this work, you can resort to the furniture removals for the assembly and disassembly service.

Benefits of disassembling some furniture

Disassembling the furniture goes a long way in expediting the move. Taking them to the truck is simpler, and allows you to do a better when placing all the things before your transfer and that everything fits without problem. It is also easier to take them to their new destination disassembled.

What is important before disassembling them is to make sure that you are clear that you can reassemble them in the same way. For this reason, it is best to take photos of the assembled furniture, as well as during its disassembly, step by step, and keep all the parts and screws well to know where exactly everything goes. Having the assembly instructions can also be of excellent help.

Furniture removals companies usually offer furniture disassembly and assembly service. As furniture removals specialists it is an option that we consider very important for our clients, in addition to packaging, as well as the placement and distribution of furniture in the new home. 

In this way, they facilitate the entire moving process and guarantee the safety and perfect condition of all belongings.