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Comfortable, safe and efficient. This is a home automation house, one in which certain functions are automated to make your life easier. What seemed like science fiction a few years ago is now a daily reality. If you have not yet discovered the advantages of having a smart home managed by home automation, now is the time to do it.

What is a home automation?

It is not about setting up complex systems, although it sometimes seems like it, or having super-advanced technology reserved for the privileged few. A home automation in the house is one that incorporates a set of mechanisms that automate certain installations. How? Through new technologies and connectivity, that is, through telematics control of different domestic aspects: well-being, communication, energy consumption, security, leisure, etc.

An idea: getting a smart home is not that complex today, nor is it excessively expensive. You can start with a certain element (for example, a device capable of programming the lights on and off) and add new components over time.

More comfort and well-being

Having a home automation incorporates a long list of benefits into your domestic life that you can enjoy from day one. To begin with, your home will be more comfortable and comfortable. You can control aspects such as air conditioning and lighting to create the best environment. In addition, you will simplify your daily life and free yourself from numerous tasks, thereby increasing your well-being considerably. Another aspect that home automation is capable of improving is the accessibility of the home for people with disabilities, making it easier for them to carry out numerous tasks and manage different facilities, also increasing their safety.

home automation

Bet on savings

Did you know that a home automation is a house that saves? This is one of the great advantages that new technologies bring you. Thanks to the intelligent management of energy, lighting, air conditioning or water consumption, you will be able to see how your household bills are reduced. A home automation system can reduce home energy consumption by up to 30%, with the financial savings that this implies.

What do I need to domotize my house?

Home automation systems are not as complex as it may seem. They are made up of different elements, among which the centralization switchboard or box stands out. It is the brain of the facility, what connects and controls everything.

Later, components are added that carry out different functions: programmers for heating and air conditioning, door and window opening mechanisms, motion sensors for lighting, surveillance cameras, etc. We must also have an application for the smartphone or tablet, which will give us access and control over the entire installation, or a voice assistant.

Take note: a complete home automation system for your home can range between 1,000 and 3,000 euros, depending on its complexity and characteristics.

Voice control

That your house obeys the orders you give it in a spoken way is possible thanks to voice systems, a reality today. Thanks to them the comfort increases, since you do not need to use the mobile to interact with the domestic environment. You can turn on the lights, lower the blinds or put on music simply by saying it out loud.

home automation

These possibilities have become real thanks to companies such as Apple, Google or Amazon, who bring us their home assistants (Siri, Alexa or Google Home), which are increasingly intuitive and easy to use.

Light effects

Lighting is one of the aspects of your home that you will easily control through home automation. You can program the lights to turn on when you arrive and turn off when you leave, as well as create different lighting scenes for each moment of the day or for each situation. You can also choose the intensity of the lights, as well as their color or color temperature. One tip: install presence sensors in certain passageways so that the lights turn on only if they detect movement, which will save on electricity consumption.

Home automation in the kitchen

Can you imagine being able to handle your kitchen appliances even when you are away from home? This is possible thanks to home automation that allows us to control energy consumption, for example, starting the washing machine or dishwasher based on hourly electricity rates, or disconnecting them from the network when they are not working. You can also program the lighting depending on whether you are cooking, dining, working, etc.

A safe house

One of the biggest advantages that home automation has is the increase in home security. Thanks to these systems we can live more calmly, knowing that our house is guarded against a possible breakdown that could cause an accident. Installing different sensors can detect water or gas leaks or even prevent fires.

home automation

Intruder proof

Feeling safe at home is important and for this it is convenient to have a good security system against intruders. Home automation also helps us in this aspect, since it provides very effective mechanisms: it can activate surveillance cameras and alarms, it allows us to remotely control access to our house if we are away, and it can even simulate the presence of someone at home when we go on vacation to dissuade thieves from paying us a visit. A repertoire of functionalities that protect our home and ours.

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