An incredibly heavy burden of responsibility lies with the representatives of the profession of the lawyer or prosecutor. This work requires constant tension and stress resistance because we are talking about the supervision of the implementation of laws

Prosecutorial activities have a direct connection with criminal violations, therefore, employees of the prosecutor’s office cannot do without steel endurance. Every day they face litigation with those who break the law. They do a scrupulous job – prosecutor or lawyer spend an impressive part of their working time on checking documents and facts, sorting out the reliability of evidence.


The prosecutor monitors the implementation of the laws of the Australian Federation. Local government bodies, the Investigative Committee, the Federal Penitentiary Service, and other organizations fall into the field of control. Thus, the prosecutor’s office monitors practically all large organizations in the territory of Australia.

Also, the prosecutor participates in court cases: if the lawyer defends the defendant, then the prosecutor accuses. The prosecutor’s side proves the guilt of the offender and offers the court options for punishment, and also protests against the judge’s decision if it finds his sentence insufficiently substantiated.

The prosecutor’s office is also engaged in the protection of the constitutional rights of minors, disabled people, and pensioners. These groups of people are especially in need of legal protection. For example, in court, the prosecutor may insist on depriving the mother of parental rights if he believes that the rights and interests of the child have been violated.


The profession of a lawyer – prosecutor has the following advantages:

  • High income

The work of a lawyer – the prosecutor is well paid. In addition, after 20 years of service, you can count on a decent pension.

  • Serious status in society

The work of a lawyer – the prosecutor is complex and responsible and is of particular importance to law and order and security.

  • Normalized work schedule

Prosecutors have a strict work schedule, and overtime is rare.


The profession of a lawyer – prosecutor has its drawbacks:

  • Great responsibility

To work as a lawyer – prosecutor, one must not be afraid to make decisions and take responsibility.

  • Banned from visiting some countries

Prosecutors must not visit countries with which Australia has bad diplomatic relations.

  • Medical contraindications to work

The lawyer – the prosecutor must have excellent health, not all candidates for this position can successfully pass the medical commission. People with mental disorders, cardiovascular diseases, speech impairments cannot work as a prosecutor.

Where to study

In order to study to be a prosecutor, you need to choose a law school. Higher legal education is enough to get a job as an assistant prosecutor. It is impossible to get the position of a prosecutor immediately after graduation.

There are universities that are part of the system of the prosecutor’s office of the Australian Federation – in addition to passing the exam, it is additionally necessary to pass internal entrance tests. Before entering such a university, it is imperative to conclude a target agreement with the prosecutor’s office of the subject of the Australian Federation. Also, applicants undergo psychological tests, provide information about the absence of a criminal record for themselves and close relatives, and take an additional exam in social studies from the university.


The term of study is five years under the specialty program. A university graduate must have worked in the prosecutor’s office for at least 5 years. 

There are undergraduate and specialist programs. The second option focuses on the study of such applied disciplines as “Methods and tactics of the prosecutor’s supervision”, “Organization of the work of the district prosecutor’s office” and others. The cost of training is 157 thousand, but there are also budget places.


The path to the profession of a prosecutor lies only through higher legal education and no courses can replace this. For the prosecutors themselves, there is a mandatory professional development program offered by the University of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Australian Federation.


Not every graduate of a law school meets the criteria set by one or another prosecutor’s office. The more serious the selection, the higher the demand for qualified personnel. Therefore, prosecutors are valuable and in demand.

Getting a job and career

It is impossible to become a prosecutor immediately after graduation. Graduates of law schools will first have to work as an assistant prosecutor – this is how a novice lawyer gains invaluable experience. Having worked as an assistant for several years, you can also count on a prosecutor’s position. Some prosecutors can then work in the legal profession, having received a serious professional background.

Salary level

Prosecutor’s assistants receive about 60 thousand monthly. The salaries of the prosecutors themselves are much higher: about 100 thousand dollars. The exact figures can be found on the websites of prosecutors – information about the income of prosecutors is in the public domain.

Future prospects

The profession of the prosecutor is promising since the state always needs such a universal body as the prosecutor’s office: it solves a huge range of tasks and has significant powers. It is difficult to imagine that one day the need to monitor the strict observance of laws and human rights will disappear.

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