It can sometimes suddenly happen that you are locked out of your own home. This can be caused, for example, by a mistake on your part, a key that is still in the door on the inside, or by an unexpected gust of wind. However, it happened, of course, you want to go back inside. But how do you open a closed door? Easy Just call for a locksmith.

Open door without a key

We are of course not all experienced burglars, and for many people, it will be a question of how to open a closed door. Even without tools, this can become quite complicated and you are soon limited to typing a window. Fortunately, you can also have a lock open without damage to your door or window. 

Locksmiths know all about locks and can easily open the door for you. If you have lost the key, a locksmith can even immediately replace the lock for you so you can get back in from now on. It is recommended that only a qualified locksmith is involved in a job on your locks. After all, the locksmith has full access to your locks. Having a reliable locksmith often gives a safer feeling.

Tips if you’re closed out

If you are accidentally locked out of your home, you can try a number of things. First of all, you can see if there might be an open window somewhere that you can pass through. There is a good chance that you have not closed everything if you inadvertently slam the door shut. 

You can often enter through a skylight or bathroom window. If the key is in the keyhole and there is a letterbox next to the door, you can also try it with an iron hook. For example, bend a wire into a hook and try to fish for the ring of the key. This is not easy because you can’t see anything, but with a bit of luck, you will pull the key out of the lock! If the key is not in the hole but you just don’t have it with you, there may be a spare key at a good acquaintance in the area.

The hinges and locks of your home consist of all window and door locks and hinges. A large part of the burglary protection is in these parts of the house. It is therefore also important to ensure that these always work properly and are strong enough.

Hinges and locks in the door

Door hinges and locks can look very different per house. For example, many doors have one lock and two additional hooks that can only be opened or closed from the inside. However, there are also doors with two or even three locks. Besides that there is a difference in the number of locks, there are also a lot of different types of locks. A well-known example is the cylinder lock, which can be found on most doors. But even in the cylinder lock, there are differences in the different types.

Hinges and locks in the windows

In the windows, the hinges and locks usually consist of hinges and thieves’ claws. Thief claws limit the opening of the window when it is left ajar. However, you also have the option of placing hooks in windows, such as in a door. In addition, a lock can also be mounted on the window. There are also different options for windows to prevent burglary and each method works slightly differently. Of course, the window itself remains an easy point to break. In that respect, secured glass can also offer a great solution.

Placing Penslot

If you want to place the pin lock yourself, you can do this by first drawing very accurately for yourself where the lock should be in the door. You can then drill out this piece so that the lock can be placed in the door. After you have also made the keyhole, you can attach the lock. After this, you still have to determine where the pins should be in the frame. For this, you can unscrew the pins by turning the lock. This way you can see exactly at what height the bushings of the counter plate should be placed in which the pins slide out. If everything is tight, you have a working pin lock.

Replace pen lock

Like any other lock, a pin lock will eventually age and need to be replaced. Replacing a pin lock is generally not a very complicated job. You can reach it quite easily when you open the door and turn the pin lock. Now it’s just a matter of loosening the lock so that you can place a new one in it. With most locks, this is quite easy. However, if the lock is stuck behind a layer of paint or wood, you should carefully loosen it with a chisel or box cutter.

broken key in the lock can cause a lot of inconveniences. After all, you can no longer lock or unlock the door. When this happens there are two possibilities. You can try to remove the key or have a new lock fitted. You can enlist the help of a locksmith, but you can also try a few things yourself.

Take the key out yourself

To get the key out of the lock yourself, there are a few methods you can try. First of all, you can bend a thin wire into a small hook. You can try to fish with the wire for one of the teeth of the key in the keyhole. If the hook gets a grip on a tooth, you can try to pull the key out. If this doesn’t work, you can see if you have a reasonably strong magnet somewhere. If you know how to stick this magnet to the key, you might be able to get it out of the magnet. You can also try to glue the key in the keyhole back to the broken piece with superglue. 

If it gets some time to work in, you can pull the key out of the hole as a whole. However, the key is no longer strong enough to be used regularly again. If you don’t mind if the lock breaks, you can also try the drilling method. Use a drill to make a small hole in the broken key. if you can screw in a small screw, you have a grip on the key and you can pull it out.

Enable locksmith

If you enlist the help of a locksmith with a broken key, he will also first try to remove the key without damage to the lock. If he also fails, the locksmith will have to replace the lock and you will receive a new key. However, this job is quickly fixed with the experience of a locksmith and then the lock is ready again to keep burglars out.

Difficulty turning the key is one of the most common problems in door locks. Often the reason for this is a cylinder that no longer works properly. It is also possible that the key is bent.

Key does not turn, now what?

If the key no longer turns properly, you can try a number of things yourself to solve this. For example, you can grease the lock with oil to make the cylinder more flexible. If the key is bent, you can of course simply try the spare key. If it does, you can have a new key made so that you immediately have a good spare key. If it’s not the key and greasing it didn’t help either, you can try cleaning the lock with a small brush. If the lock is blocked, lock spray might be able to get things moving again. If none of this has helped, you can hire a locksmith.

Keys not found

If you really can’t find your keys, there are a few things you can and should do. First of all, you can check whether you still have a spare key with someone you know. If not, you need a locksmith to open the door for you. While you wait for the locksmith, you should also think about what was in the keys. Is there something wrong with the keys with which you can find the corresponding house or address? 

Then it may be wise to have the locksmith fit a new lock right away. If someone else has found the key, he or she has easy access to your home, and of course, you don’t want that. If there is nothing to help the finder locate the house, you can simply have the spare key made in the house. So make sure you have a new spare key in case it happens again.