The motorcycle has always been and will remain a symbol of unlimited freedom and travel. It is not in vain that this type of transport is so loved by rockers, bikers, lovers of long-distance voyages, and simply by numerous people who need simple and inexpensive transport.

These and many advantages have made the motorcycle a very common transport among the widest segments of the population in almost all countries of the world.

Manufacturers release more and more new bikes, improving their design.

And today we can safely say that motorcycles have gone far ahead in comparison with passenger cars, far surpassing them in maximum speed, acceleration, and other important points.

It is not even worth talking about such indicators as maneuverability and fuel consumption – all this has been improved very significantly.

Dangers on the road

However, with all its advantages, the motorcycle also has quite a few disadvantages.

And the most important of them is strong vulnerability to weather and exposure to negative environmental factors. If in a car you are protected from the outside world by a roof, glass, then a motorcycle will not provide you with such an opportunity.

Therefore, riding it, for example, in winter, is often simply impossible. And in the rain or other difficult weather conditions, if not impossible, then it is very much complicated.

There are no airbags or seat belts. So, in case of an accident, an unwary driver, and even a passenger, will have either an air flight or a “ride” on the asphalt with the body.

And if you take into account all the power of modern motorcycles, and the fact that most of their drivers are young and fearless people, then you involuntarily begin to think about safety.

Motorcycles are not toys for children!

The safety of the life and health of not only the driver and passenger, but also all the people around them, even pedestrians, depends on the safety of modern road traffic. Therefore, when driving a motorcycle, special attention should be paid to the skills and abilities associated with its driving, equipment and much – much more!

It is worth starting with the choice of the motorcycle itself. If you have little experience or are not confident in your abilities, then you should not immediately sit down for a powerful sports or heavy motorcycle.

In this case, it is necessary to purchase a so-called “light” motorcycle with a small engine volume – fortunately, there is a wide choice here, you can choose a bike for yourself, based on your preferences.

Also, it will not be superfluous to study at a specialized motorcycle school, where experienced instructors will teach you all the basics and subtleties of driving this vehicle. In extreme cases, you can ask friends who have a decent motorcycle experience.


Your equipment is also very important. A helmet, leather jacket and trousers, and special motor boots should be mandatory. The choice of equipment should be treated with no less attention than the choice of a motorcycle. It should be bought only in specialized stores. Always remember – saving on equipment, you save on your own health, because any motorcyclist, even the most experienced, has accidents or other very dangerous situations, and a special uniform is the only protection in case of a fall.

It is important to remember that when driving, you are a full participant in very active road traffic. It is imperative to follow absolutely all the rules of this movement, especially the speed limit and signs. Do not abuse the motorcycle’s maneuverability and speed characteristics – this can lead to tragedy!

When transporting a passenger, remember – he must be wearing a helmet and be able to feel good in the passenger seat – for this, there are special handrails for the passenger. When transporting any cargo, it is necessary to make sure that it is securely fixed and will not be able to arbitrarily jump off the motorcycle, because when driving, even a small one, all these manipulations can easily create additional danger for everyone around, and not only for the motorcyclist himself.

The technical condition of your iron horse should be treated very, very carefully. Timely pass a technical inspection and monitor the performance of all its systems and mechanisms. This will insure you against accidental breakdowns and all related troubles. First of all, monitor the condition of the brake system, external lighting devices.

And most importantly, you must always respect all other road users, while you must follow absolutely all the rules, and then you can only get pleasure from driving your motorcycle and cause absolutely no inconvenience to yourself or others.

Driving a motorcycle requires high attention and concentration, and if everything is done correctly, you can extend the life of your motorcycle, please yourself and your loved ones, because this method of transportation is very convenient and interesting, and will fit into your daily life and become the most beloved for you a kind of modern transport!