Moving is a large-scale and extraordinary event that can become not just a change of location, but a significant stage in life. It is important to plan not only the day of transportation of things to a new apartment or house but also to take into account many non-obvious at first glance moments before and after the move itself. We have prepared tips for you to help you organize the move correctly, simplify the preliminary preparation for it, and the arrangement in unfamiliar conditions.

Things to do before moving 

Before you start moving, make a detailed to-do list with a timeline in advance, in a relaxed atmosphere, so you can keep track of what has been done and what has not. This way you will not miss anything.

  • Write down useful contacts of trusted services in a separate notebook or on a sheet. In a new apartment, you may need the help of a computer foreman, an employee of an Internet provider, a cleaning service, etc. Specify separately the contact details of the companies that will help you with the move-moving service, contractors for the transportation or assembly of furniture.
  • In the same notebook or in any convenient program, start a general estimate. Packaging materials, car rental, payment for assistants and movers, cleaning, necessary household items such as connecting a washing machine, or calling a foreman to hang curtains – all these expenses are better calculated in advance.
  • Pay close attention to the issue of documents. Even if the move is just to another area of ​​the city, it can entail a lot of changes. For example, take the medical card from your old clinic in advance, get the child’s vaccination form in kindergarten, income statements from employers (if you plan to change jobs), and so on.
  • In the next stage of preparation, draw up a diagram of the arrangement of furniture, large appliances in the rooms. Think over the sequence of its skidding and assembly, so that, for example, a sofa in the middle of the living room does not interfere with the installation of a wall console.
  • When disassembling and packing furniture, be sure to sign the top and bottom, and also label all parts. If you still have assembly instructions, do not pack them separately, but attach them to one of the parts. So the assembly of furniture in a new home will be easier and faster. If in doubt about your dismantling and assembly skills, use the services of professionals.
  • Moving is not only a fuss but also a truly important event for all family members. Take care of everyone’s comfort. If the move includes young children, prepare them for the upcoming changes, think in advance about how the child will participate in the move.

Do not forget about important details in the old house:

  • Solve bureaucratic issues – they are often forgotten in the hustle and bustle of the move. Terminate contracts for the connection of the Internet, cable TV, telephone communications. Check to see if you paid off utility bills in your old house.
  • Conduct a full audit of things and furniture in advance. Think about whether the new apartment will accommodate everything. Do not regret getting rid of unnecessary things: arrange a “garage sale”, donate, give away, or just throw away things that you are unlikely to use. Perhaps, some items (for example, sports equipment) will be more convenient to determine for temporary storage in a warehouse.
  • Take a picture of your usual and convenient way of life: the arrangement of books and decorative items on the shelves, the places where cables are attached to equipment, parts of disassembled furniture. After transporting things, you will be grateful to yourself for the visual “tips”.
  • Wash curtains, curtains, and home textiles in advance, dry-clean carpets, “refresh” the upholstery of upholstered furniture, clean the “ceremonial” dinner service, etc. After changing the place of residence, there will be no time for this.
  • On the eve of the moving, record or photograph the meter readings.

Many chores in a new home are also best resolved before you move. Here are some simple rules to help you prepare for the move:

  • Connect communications, means of communication, so that the new apartment will not be left without cable TV or Internet connection.
  • Do a general cleaning in the house where you are moving in – by yourself or with the help of a professional service. As long as there are no boxes and bulky furniture in the apartment, it is much easier and more convenient.
  • Check the readiness of the premises to move in. Light bulbs, sockets, counters, and switches in the new apartment must be in good working order, plumbing and installed household appliances must work without interruptions.
  • Make a shopping list before you move. Surely in a new house, you will need to purchase something from furniture, update the storage system, please yourself with pleasant little things like home textiles, decor, interior candles, etc.

After moving

Ask yourself how to properly organize your moving life right after you move? Try to settle in as comfortable as possible:

  • Once all the things are in the new apartment, check the property against the pre-compiled list, make sure that everything has moved safely and sound.
  • Organize your unpacking wisely. It is worth starting with the assembly of furniture. After assembling and placing large items, determine where the essentials will be. Then disassemble the remaining boxes – slowly and in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • If you haven’t purchased new furniture yet, or haven’t had time to deliver or assemble it, organize a temporary storage system yourself. For convenient placement of clothes on hangers, special wardrobe boxes are optimal (they can be purchased or rented).
  • Even if things have not yet been unpacked, and the furniture has not been assembled, try to arrange life for all households as comfortably as possible. A favorite book for a child, the usual cups at breakfast, a bed or bedding for a pet – these small attributes will help a family feel at home faster.

Acquaintance with the environment:

  • Go for a walk immediately after completing your top priorities. This will help you calm down, streamline your thoughts, and take your mind off the hustle and bustle of the move.
  • Explore the infrastructure of the area in detail, walking along the nearest streets, courtyards, shops. Measure how long it takes to get from the apartment to the metro, other transport interchanges, car parking. Find out where and what is in your new neighborhood – from playgrounds and cafes to shoe repair shops.
  • Pay special attention to stores of building materials or household items. After the move, there will certainly be a need for a variety of minor household repairs.
  • If your family has children, take care of their adaptation to a new place. Take a walk in the park or square, help your child make new acquaintances in the yard.
  • Get to know your neighbors. If “loud” repair work is planned, politely warn about it and, preferably, inform the estimated completion date. A little extra tip – if there is really a lot of noise and inconvenience for your new neighbors, you might think about a small souvenir or present for them.
  • Actively join the social community: now many are organizing separate threads on forums or chats in messengers to communicate with neighbors and discuss important general house issues.
  • Write down new contacts that may come in handy: local precinct, management company, building manager.

And finally – do not deny yourself the pleasure of celebrating a housewarming!

This is a special holiday, impressions from which will help you forget about the worries and hectic moving and start a “new life” on a joyful note. If you decide to organize a party yourself, our tips will definitely come in handy.


 As you can see, moving is not just moving property from one premise to another. This is a complex, long-term process, an important stage in the life of any person, all aspects of moving which are rather difficult to foresee. You can protect yourself from unpleasant “surprises” by enlisting the support of professionals who have worked out most of the unusual situations in practice. The company of moving will help with packing, disassembling furniture, transporting things and settling in a new place and will do everything so that you can start enjoying life in comfort and coziness as soon as possible.

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