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Roller shutters are more and more installed in homes, both for new buildings and for renovations. Indeed, they have many advantages. However, be aware that this type of opening can also have drawbacks. 

The advantages of roller shutters

If roller shutters are more and more popular, whether they are installed in their mechanical or electrical form, it is not without reason! Indeed, this type of solution has many advantages.


Roller shutters have the advantage of allowing the shutters to be opened and closed without having to open the windows. It is therefore a real comfort on a daily basis, especially when it is cold, too hot, when it rains, etc. Obviously, mechanical opening and closing require your intervention, but the electric models can be operated without effort, which is really practical! In addition, opting for centralization saves precious time by opening and closing all the shutters in a single gesture.

A tailor-made system

Rolling shutters have the advantage of adapting to all windows, which is not always the case with swing shutters. As fashion is with bay windows of various sizes, finding a shutter closing device is complex, while the roller shutter adapts to all dimensions! You just have to choose the right material of manufacture according to the size of the window.


Roller shutters provide enhanced housing security. Indeed, they act as an additional barrier in the event of an intrusion attempt. It is quite possible to opt for ultra-secure models, equipped with locks and reinforced to avoid any will of ascent or destruction.

Privacy and darkness

If you are looking for total darkness and complete privacy in your home, the roller shutter is the solution! Indeed, once installed, it is completely hermetic to the passage of light and prying eyes. So you are guaranteed not to be seen and to be in complete darkness at all times.

Better thermal insulation

In addition to offering secure protection, the roller shutter offers better thermal insulation of your openings. In summer as in winter, it forms an effective barrier that allows you to reduce your energy bills by limiting the consumption of heating during cold periods and air conditioning in summer.

But that’s not all! Roller shutters are also a way to retain heat or coolness in your home. Indeed, when you leave your shutters open during the day, the sun naturally warms your interior through the windows. So when you close your blinds at night, the stored heat stays inside. The same goes for the coolness of the air conditioning.

Better sound insulation

The insulating role of roller shutters does not stop there since they also form a sound barrier by isolating your windows from the outside and their noise. Indeed, if you do not want to be disturbed by the sounds of the street or the environment, you can close your shutters and you will find that these are greatly reduced.

A renewed aesthetic

While traditional swing shutters have long been favored for their aesthetic appearance on the facade, the new roller shutter models are now designed to be prettier, which is obviously an advantage also if you change your shutters already installed. Much more discreet, they are more decorative and no longer give your home the warehouse look too often deplored on older models.

An opening for all budgets

There is a wide range of roller shutters available, which is a great advantage for all budgets. Indeed, we do not all have the same financial possibilities, and changing old openings or installing new roller shutters has a cost on the whole of a home. PVC is perfect for smaller budgets since it is accessible from 81.10 dollars. As for aluminum, it is more expensive since it costs at least 243 dollars but it is also more resistant.

The disadvantages of roller shutters

Despite their many advantages, roller shutters can have certain disadvantages.

Loss of brightness

The complete insulation offered by roller shutters can be an advantage, but also a disadvantage. Indeed, the passage of light is completely blocked and does not allow to take advantage of the natural or artificial light from outside. For some, sleeping in complete darkness or waking up not knowing whether it is night or day can be confusing.

An aesthetic not always at the rendezvous

If the new models are pretty and discreet, the old roller shutters are not very aesthetic. Some are embellished with visible and truly unsightly chests, while others evoke storefronts or warehouses. Sometimes you have to pay the price to have the leisure of a nice shutter. In addition, some individuals regret the colder appearance of a facade that is not dressed in swing shutters, because the roller shutters are invisible when opened and less graceful when closed. Likewise, the color variation is reduced. If the swing shutters can be repainted as desired, this is not the case with rolling models.

Shutters not always accepted

Some town planning regulations prohibit the installation of roller shutters for their less elegant appearance. This is often the case in towns with very typical charm or for homes located near a monument or a historic site. Check with your town hall before committing!

An installation that is not always pleasant in the event of a renovation

In the context of construction, providing roller shutters does not pose a problem. But in the context of a renovation, the constraints of the habitat often require the installation of the safe projecting from the wall, which is not very graceful. In addition, if you opt for an electric model, plan trenches in your walls for connections, and therefore embellishment work to redo your paints or coatings!

An opening sometimes blocked

Some inexpensive electric models are not suitable for large openings and tend to get stuck easily, leaving you in the dark or preventing you from closing them. Likewise, while electric roller shutters are practical and comfortable, they can become problematic in the event of a power failure if you do not have a secondary manual system. Indeed, without electricity, you can neither open nor close your blinds!

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