Choose Aluminum or PVC shutters?

Once we have decided to replace the old windows, all our attention is directed to the choice of doors and windows. Only later do we realize that we have attached little importance to the choice of shutter and roller shutters.
In reality, choosing this becomes a real commitment, since it has a fundamental role as external protection of our environments. 

Protection from both atmospheric agents and the infiltration of sunlight.
In consideration of this, we can think of thermal insulation as an optimal barrier, guaranteed by the harmony between the best quality windows and shutters.
The latter has the function of protecting the internal rooms of the house from thermal changes and excessive solar irradiation, but also avoids the penetration of rain or helps to cool the rooms through the half-light.

Which shutters to choose?

The shutters also have the function of contributing to the safety of the house, avoiding the intrusion of malicious people. They also represent an aesthetic element that enhances the beauty of our home.
So when we ask ourselves the question: ” Blinds, which ones to choose? “We will simply have to take into consideration three factors: the architecture of the building, climate of the place of residence, and personal aesthetic taste.
Before launching into the purchase of shutter or roller shutter, we try to evaluate their characteristics, qualities, and the best prices in relation to our needs.
There are different types of shutters. We can recognize the main ones ( aluminum shutters and PVC shutters) depending on the materials and characteristics.


They are the most widespread on the market and also the cheapest. They are offered in different color ranges and equipped with adjustable systems.

The most recommended solution even by experts, to protect frames and windows. This is because the aluminum shutters can count on a certain state of solidity and resistance to atmospheric agents. In addition to the not excessive prices.

If properly treated, aluminum can also be used on homes that are located a short distance from the sea.

In summary, the purchase of aluminum shutter is recommended:

  • If you don’t want to overspend,
  • If you count on solidity and resistance to atmospheric agents,
  • If you live both in the city center and in seaside areas,
  • If you are looking for minimal and elegant aesthetic solutions (wide choice of finishes and colors),
  • If size limits are exceeded.


The PVC are the best choice not only for their aesthetic figure since we find them for sale in many colors and wood effects but also for their easy maintenance.

Also as regards the duration in time, the PVC material guarantees unchanged performances over the years, even under the action of different atmospheric agents.

Therefore, it does not transmit heat to the internal rooms in the summer seasons and it does not transmit cold inside during the winter period. Thanks to the thermal insulation properties typical of PVC.

Generally, it is recommended to purchase a PVC window:

  • If aesthetics are at the forefront of material costs,
  • If you choose a custom design for shapes, styles, and colors,
  • If you prefer optimal and total thermal insulation,
  • If you accept that the maximum width per door is 70 cm.

No detail left to chance, but great care for the finishes, colors, and style (perfectly adaptable to both vintage and modern architectural structures). Wide choice of technical solutions: on the frame to be walled in or on hinges to the wall, with folding opening or in the more refined version on internal wall frame with a protruding hinge.

Other types required are wrought iron or armored shutters ( Neapolitan shutters) or wooden Venetian blinds/shutters, with adjustable slats.


We must consider the cost in relation to the quality of the materials and the specificity of finishes, dimensions, processes, adjustment mechanisms, and above all the shape (straight, arched, Genoese, etc.).In conclusion, we can say that the cost can vary according to the composition, the quality of the product, and its use. For example, I can decide to put the hinges in stainless steel to guarantee the window frame longer life (e.g. near marine areas) or in simple steel, if I want to save money, the important thing is to contact a competent and prepared door and window retailer who can help us. in choosing the right product. 

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