That is why, as in the old days, today most country houses have shutters consisting of one or more sash, fixed in the window opening. But winter is not summer, and it is not necessary to open the shutters when the owners only occasionally visit their dacha.


In double-leaf shutters, a width of 600 mm. Structurally, they are hung on a supporting frame. The sash is made of wood in the form of boards 30 mm thick. For durability in them, internal pins from metal are inserted.

Outside the sash, is attached wrought-iron overhead hinges for attachment to the frame. Realizing that the reliability of the shutters depends on the design features that allow their opening, I made it so that the platband of the supporting frame closes its mounting, and the flange is an additional reinforcement.

In addition, installed anti-removable pins, as on the metal entrance door, which in the case of cutting the hinges protect against removing the sash.


Let me tell you another little secret. On the inside of the sash have an additional sheet of metal. Outwardly, look like wood, but in reality, they are very strong.

Let’s say the attackers want to get into the house by opening the shutters. But access to the mount is missing, so you have to cut the hinges on. Even if the hinges are cut, the shutters are still fixed with anti-removable pins.

Close the shutters, of course, close from the inside. Ask how? After all, the window sash in the country always opens to the outside and interferes with this. But coming up with the method.

As you know, the window in the windows always opens inwards. That’s the property used. Directly opposite the window on the inner surface of the sash, which is superimposed on closing the second sash, has a bolt lock.

Before leaving the country, close the shutters, go into the house, and through the window with a key to turn the lock. At the same time in three parties of a window aperture from each sash crossbars pins which rigidly fix are put forward. And what to do? You want the country house to be reliably protected in the winter, – it is necessary to work.

By the way, on the veranda, too, all the windows are closed with shutters for the winter. Only their design is more complicated. Only say that all four leaves fold like an accordion, like a screen. Well, and they consist, as well as on windows, of the wooden boards strengthened from within by a metal sheet. That’s why I don’t worry about preserving my dacha in winter.

What are window shutters made of? The role for windows is great. And not only from an aesthetic point of view. They protect the windows from bright sunlight, help retain heat and partially absorb noise.

Now they are installed not only in private homes, but also on the windows of ordinary apartment buildings. Shutters are internal and external. As a rule, in high-rise buildings choose the internal type. They protect from the sun and perform an aesthetic function. They decorate the room in the Mediterranean, classical and rural styles.

Exterior shutters are more common in country houses. They can be both removable and stationary. Metal stationary shutters are installed to protect the house from intruders.

It is important that fits the overall interior of the room. For example, wood panels will decorate the house in a country style. And wooden will give the house the look of a villa on the coast. Metal will add a classic style to the house.

What are window shutters made of?

– from a tree

Such shutters look aesthetically pleasing and are most suitable for decorating windows from the outside. They are assembled from lining, rails, or tongue and groove boards. The board from boards is tightened by means of clamps on width. Then it is cut according to the sizes. The inner side can be reinforced with additional rails, and on the outer side to attach decorative hinges. Installed shutters are treated with stain, varnish. If they are decorated with carved platbands or metal ornaments, the “clothes for the windows” will acquire a unique look.

– from plastic

They look like blinds. Plastic panels of such are located horizontally. The box is attached inside the window opening to the side walls. Thus, the outer part is close to the walls of the house and fastened with metal platbands to enhance safety. “Window clothes” made of plastic can be attached to any base: concrete, metal, wood.

– from metal

Their function is to protect from uninvited guests and from direct sunlight. Make such window protection from galvanized iron and stainless steel. Usually, metal shutters are installed on the windows of country houses. They are in demand in industrial buildings, warehouses. Steel shutters are assembled from slats. They are wound on the shaft in the process of moving along the guides. The canvas itself is made of aluminum, so the shutters are quite strong. Office premises, outlets are equipped with shutters. They are also installed on windows in living quarters. The control system is carried out by means of the electric drive or manual control. There are combined mechanisms.

In the last few years, more and more often in different houses began to appear wooden shutters on the windows and those made of other materials. Sash becomes a decoration not only of facades of country houses but also of window apertures in the most usual apartments. If you are looking for a means of self-expression, then this architectural element can be a great tool.

If we turn to history, we can recall how the ornament of the house in those years very often others judged what is the owner’s social status, as well as how successful he is.

Previously, people installed metal shutters on the windows in order to protect their property from bandits and thieves. The metal was chosen the strongest, ie only the one that had a long service life and was not subject to breakage.

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