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Window shutters are considered by many to be a relic, a kind of archaic element that in the old days protected windows from the sun and wind. But today the sashes on the windows have not lost their relevance, only now their role has expanded significantly – they not only protect from bad weather but also prevent the penetration of robbers and vandals. Besides, window shutters are stylish elements that emphasize the architectural concept of the exterior.

Features and purpose

Window shutters play a very important role – they are comprehensive protection of a country house. In previous years, window shutters were protected only from excessive sunlight and prying eyes, today the functionality is much wider, and window shutters cope with a variety of tasks:

  • protect from ultraviolet radiation;
  • keep warm air inside the dwelling;
  • prevent the penetration of excess noise from the street;
  • create an aesthetic and stylish exterior;
  • resist the penetration of thieves and burglars.

Most often, window shutters are mounted in a country house, as well as in private houses and mansions, where they are mainly assigned the function of protection against theft, however, like blinds, they help to control the temperature regime in rooms and protect from wind, drafts and frosty air.

Window shutters, which are installed in order to create an effective system of protection against burglaries and theft, are usually made of metal. Such a barrier provides the maximum level of security for any attempt to enter the house. These are very durable structures that can withstand severe loads up to the impact of welding machines.

The material for the production of such window shutters is stainless steel, as a rule, they are one-piece shutters or a grill, supplemented by a locking system that cannot be opened from the outside. That is why such installations represent a serious obstacle in the way of attackers. 

The dimensions of the shutters, which perfectly match the window openings, make it possible to protect the rooms of a residential building from precipitation: snow and rain. At the same time, the installation does not create any obstacles to the air circulation. Thus, there is a constant air exchange, excess condensate is removed and a favorable microclimate is formed.

In hot weather, shutters create an obstacle to direct sunlight, thanks to which the room is always fresh and cool. In addition, shutters allow you to control the level of light in rooms, keep the shade on the upper floors and reliably protect from the wind.

And, of course, shutters have a decorative function, they are very often used as an interior facade design, decorated with carvings, forging and other decorative elements.


The modern industry offers a large selection of shutters of various modifications, and there are many reasons for their classification. By the way of opening, there are:

  • swing devices – they, in turn, can be single and double-leaf;
  • roller shutters – they involve rolling a protective cloth onto a rotating drum;
  • folding – they are activated according to the principle of an accordion, while changing the position of the flaps, it is quite simple to change the level of illumination in the room;
  • sliding along the guides.

By the type of sash location, there are:

  • internal – as a rule, they are installed in an apartment in multi-storey buildings;
  • outdoor – mounted in private houses and cottages.

Separately, we should dwell on the materials from which the shutters are made. Most often, metal, plastic, and wood are used for this purpose.

Helpful hints

If you want, the shutters to serve you for many years, it is advisable to order their production and installation by specialists. Do not deal with the shutters yourself. It’s simple. Metal fences, like roller shutters, cannot be made without professional equipment, and this is their difference from wooden sashes. However, hand-made wood products can hardly be called works of art, since only experienced architects can turn shutters into exquisite accessories with carved decorative elements.

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